UNEUNE/awesome etching print

The "UNEUNE" started selling by The Pressure Printing.INC from a little while ago!
"UNEUNE" was made by Charbonnel etching inks, It's edition of 33 large-scale intaglio prints. And,I signed to all prints. If you would like to get this awesome print,Please check The Pressure Printing.INC.

UneUne (pronounced oo-neh-oo-neh) is an edition of 33 large-scale intaglio prints made from a graphite drawing by ONEQ. The image – originally used as cover art for Smoking Martha’s debut album – has been hand-printed onto Tosa Hanga Natural 95g/m² paper in Charbonnel etching inks. Each print has been signed and numbered by ONEQ and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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the 4th Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show

I'll join to the 4th Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show at San Francisco
by Zach Tutor from the Supersonic Art. I'll exhibit a original monochrome work
by mechanical pencil. If you like,Please come visit!

Announcing the 4th Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show opening at
Spoke Art on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 and featuring brand new work
from over 60 internationally acclaimed artists.

Supersonic Art
Spoke Art Gallery

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3 women

I usually draw solo woman, but now I am drawing three women.
I'm looking forward to completing because this is very rare.

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New pinup print "DEN EN KEN"

This "DEN EN KEN"pinup print will start selling by The people's Printshop from tomorrow!
"DEN EN KEN" will be available at 10AM PST (USA).
This is Friday, September 19, 2014 at 2:00:00 AM in Tokyo.

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The Yachiyoza was built in 1910 in Yamaga city. I have come to love this beautifully old playhouse!

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Under Job Party 2014/Auction start

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Coloring to UJP

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Under Job Party 2014/Auction art show

I will join auction art show at Kitakyushu's KING RAT TATTOO in august 2014.
This Under Job Party is fourth time.

This time I will sell smallish monochrome original work only one sheets.
My start price is 20000yen.

So far,Many japanese tattoo artist have joining this group show.
Anybody can buy art work by auction freely at this group show.

Starting auction will be from August 3 to August 17.
Looking forward to starting exhibition!
I will announce again when it gets closer to the date.


8月に北九州のKING RAT TATTOOによるオークションアートショーに参加します。
Under Job Party は今年で4回目だそうで、誰でも気軽にこのオークションで作品を購入することができます。

これまで沢山の日本のTATTOO ARTISTがUnder Job Partyに参加しています。

オークションの期間は8月3日~8月17日です。 もうすぐですね、とても楽しみです!

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ONEQ/monochrome/Solar Eclipse

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Wonderful etching work process by Pressure Printing

I and Pressure Printing have done start new project of etching prints.
Etching is first time to me. It is going to sell a small number edition.
I am looking forward to finish!

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ONEQ:illustrator/I mix Japanese and American art styles when dealing with manga designs.

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