Smoking Martha's CD cover illustration

I drew the Smoking Martha's CD cover with ORVIS ONE.
Logo design by ORVIS ONE

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ONEQ - “Mitsume Daruma”

This is a print of only one piece for the show.

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Spoke Art Gallery of San Francisco in January 9.

The opening night, a long line was continued in front of the Spoke Art Gallery.
I was very happy to be able to see a art work of a great many at that day!
I could not concentrate on taking photos to that hot air.

I also would like to come here in the same way next year.
Therefore,I must drawn more from this year.

Thank you for purchasing my works!
And, Thank you very much Zach Tutor and Ken Harman!

Spoke Art /SEI3: Opening Night Reception
An Interview with Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic

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This month was truly fun for me,I wanna go there again!

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THE 3RD ANNUAL SUPERSONIC INVITATIONAL will start at the Spoke Art Gallery
in San Francisco on 9 January 2014.This show is performed by Zach Tutor.
Great a lot artists have participated this show.I'm very glad also can join.

And,I'm going to go play in San Francisco.
I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful work that day.

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I love a monochrome recently.

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Ishigaki island

I went travel to Ishigaki island last week.
It's a first travel to Ishigaki island,but It was very beautiful and fun!
There are many mountains and rivers in Ishigaki island.
So,It can various play everyday.

And,I found the No1 paradise place at final day......

17 cats family!

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MEGAHORN's 1st solo album/disc jacket illustration

It is the Japanese musician MEGARYU's MEGAHORN's 1st solo album.
His new album 『BIG-BONED』's disc jacket illustration.
I made the work together over long time with him.
Manufacture of first disc jacket illustration was very stimulative.
MEGAHORN 1st solo Album 『BIG-BONED』 2013.9.25 Release!

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oneq-the garbage's dinner

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another new interview

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The interview

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coloring activity

ONEQ/The few paint space’s coloring activity.

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Ink Butter + ONEQ/MAAKO Prints sell

“MAAKO” Prints
Ink Butter website
Ink Butter shop page

Ink Butter™ is Tattoo Aftercare lotion goods company in California.
“MAAKO” by ONEQ is available in Ink Butter online store. “MAAKO” is printed with 100%
environmentally friendly vegetable inks on 100% recycled paper.
This illustration manufacture took much time. Therefor,I am very glad!
Various meanings are contained in this illustration.
If you can...Look for a meaning.

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ONEQ:illustrator/I mix Japanese and American art styles when dealing with manga designs.

by ta-jimaha-ru



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