"Metamorphose" prints

Artist: ONEQ
Title: Metamorphose
Medium: archival pigment print
Markings: hand numbered
Edition Size: 50
Dimensions: 19" x 22"

ONEQ - "Metamorphose"-prints

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Aki Yashiro/funauta

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The 7th Annual Supersonic Invitational

Curated by Zach Tutor

Open:January 6th - 28th, 2018

Participating Artists Include:
Adam Lister | Adam Lucas | Alessandra Maria | Alex Garant
Alex Kiessling | Allan Inman | Andrew Archer | Andrew Hem
Beau B. Frank | Boris Pelcer | Brett Amory | Brian Mashburn Brooks Salzwedel
Casey Weldon | Daliah Ammar | David Rice
Dorian Vallejo | Edwin Ushiro | Erik Jones Hueman | It’s A Living
James Rawson | Jeff Gress | Joanne Nam | Joel Daniel Phillips
Josh Cocking Jose Mertz | Kelsey Beckett | Kip Omolade
Ki Sung Koh | L.A.P. | Lauren YS | Marco Mazzoni
Maxwell McMaster | Meggs | Nick Sheehy | Nosego | Oriol Angrill Jorda
Oneq | Ozabu | Peter Chan | Rebecca Mason Adams
Roos Van Der Vliet | Sail | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Sarah Joncas
Scott Listfield | Sean Norvet | So Youn Lee | Steve Kim | Syd Bee
Tom Bashaw | Tatiana Suarez | Zoltron


I have joined to the 7th Annual Supersonic Invitational at Spoke art gallery in New york also this year.
I'll exhibit a art print work. This name is "Metamorphose".If you like,Please come visit!
--For purchasing inquiries please contact to Spoke Art Gallery--

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mechanical pencil sketch


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LAX/JFK-Group Exhibition

455mm×380mm×20mm,Acrylic paint on wood panel

‘LAX / JFK' curated by Thinkspace art galleryopens this Saturday,
November 11 at Spoke art gallery's space on the LES of New York City.
I've joining this group show as a acrylic painting piece this time.
if you want to get it,please check this show.

November 11, 2017- November 26, 2017
Group Show-‘LAX / JFK’ ? curated show in NYC at Spoke art gallery
Opening Reception with the Artist(s):Saturday,
November 11, 2017,6:00pm - 9:00pm

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I joined to the POWWOW JAPAN2017 this week.
I made mural of lady face at the Harbor Studio's wall in Kobe with my Ninjya.
This time,We had very fun time thanks to everyone.
I have come to like Kobe!

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"KANRO" prints

seze:16" x 20"/ edition of 60

Start to sell day:17th August 2017.
From:The People's Printshop

"KANRO" prints will be started to sell by The People's Printshop from this Thursday at 1PM.
This piece is my favorite one. please check The People's Printshop's web site!

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New limited edition print-"part-timer mermaid"


New limited edition print "part-timer mermaid" will start to sell
from 5th August 2017 from group show "NSFW" at Spoke Art Gallery .

"part-timer mermaid"

shape of hand mirror,keyhole,vagina,placenta.
mermaid in underwater and fish hook.
This mermaid has a switch.
A lot of eye balls and brand-new time-card.
These are female's symbols and metaphors.

"NSFW" - a group exhibition

Featuring over 40 artists, NSFW explores sex and sexuality
from the female and femme perspective.

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"NSFW" - a group exhibition

"NSFW" - a group exhibition

curated by Dasha Matsuura at Spoke Art Gallery at SF/August 5 - 26th
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5th, 6 to 9pm

Featuring over 40 artists, NSFW explores sex and sexuality from the female and femme perspective.

Jen Bartel | Laura Berger | Audrey Bodisco | Stephanie Brown | Nomi Chi | Katie Commodore | Jess de Wahls | Vanessa Del Rey | Jenny Dubet | Robin Eisenberg | Sabrina Elliott | Alex Garant | Nicole Guice | Jessica Hess | Sally Hewett | Alisha Huskin | Tina Jiang | Natalie Krim | Lauren YS | Noel’le Longhaul | Cathy Lu | Tina Lugo | Sarah Maxwell | Miss Meatface | Miss Van | Nadezda | Joanne Nam | Jeany Ngo | ONEQ | Meryl Pataky | Petite Luxures | Allison Reimold | Emma Rose Laughlin | Marguerite Sauvage | Ellen Schinderman | Jessica So Ren Tang | Mel Stringer |Lindsay Stripling | Miranda Tacchia | Winnie Truong | Mandy Tsung | Neryl Walker | Wishcandy | Kathrine Worell | Yao Xiao

I have joined this show as a limited art prints.This show will be started soon.
Please check details to Spoke Art Gallery!

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Kumamoto/Shimosuzurikawa/mural by ONEQ


Scrap motorbike spot, bamboo forest color
along prefectural road route 31

A interesting old man has been collecting many scrap motorbike to this spot.
He told me a lot of interesting story about Showa of Japan.
I was writing this mural with his dog while hearing his story.
Around here is beautiful and I could relax because bamboo forest.

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Okinawa-Chatan/ONEQ new mural


Okinawa/Chatan/along national route 58

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VERYONE × ONEQ in Omuta Japan


ONEQ and VERYONE drew new mural in Omuta as a collaboration .
This very old street is so awesome! If you visit Omuta,let's find this!


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New print 'Chinatown Cabaret'/ONEQ

My new print, 'Chinatown Cabaret' is now available from Spoke Art gallery.
Visit here! Only 50 hand numbered copies available!

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The 6th Annual Supersonic Invitationall in NY


The 6th Annual Supersonic Invitationall
Curated by Zach Tutor

Opening Night Reception : Saturday, January 7th 6-9pm
On View : January 7th - 28th, 2017

Participating artists include:
Rebecca Mason Adams, Daliah Ammar, Brett Amory, Tom Bagshaw, Kelsey Beckett, Syd Bee, Lauren Brevner, Peter Chan, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Haunted Euth, Alex Garant, Andrew Hem, Michael Howard, Allan Innman, Sarah Joncas, Erik Jones, Steve Kim, Kit King, So Youn Lee, Adam Lister, Scott Listfied, Alessandra Maria, Soey Milk, Oda, Tim Okamura, Kip Omolade, ONEQ, Ozabu, Joel Daniel Phillips, David Rice, Sail, Tatiana Suarez, Glennray Tutor, Henrik Uldalen, Edwin Ushiro, Dorian Vallejo, Roos van der Vliet, Casey Weldon, Lauren YS, Zoltron


I have joined to the 6th Annual Supersonic Invitational at Spoke art gallery in New york also this year. I'll exhibit a art print work. This name is "Noctiluca".If you like,Please come visit!
--For purchasing inquiries please contact to the Spoke Art Gallery--

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pinupgirl bord of life-size


I made pinupgirl bord of life-size by acrylic painting the other day.
If you want to meet to her,please try to find around the Nishiginza-street in Kumamoto city.
She has sitting next to a bar midnight.

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Recently I have been expermenting how to acrylic painting.
It's so fun to me because so difficult...!


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